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Flight permits are essential for safe and legal aircraft operations and OXYSKY LOGISTICS SDN. BHD. has the ability to secure all required permits in a fast and efficient way, thanks to our trusted relationships with local civil aviation authorities. OXYSKY LOGISTICS SDN. BHD. looks after airspace clearance for a wide range of flights, from commercial airlines to VIP flight operators and emergency aviation.

We obtain permission for over-flying, landing, and making technical stops in any country in the shortest possible time for our clients, and at competitive prices. In addition to quickly securing your flight path, we can also settle all Civil Aviation charges on your behalf to the relevant Civil Aviation Authority.

More than thirty years of experience gives us the necessary understanding of different market requirements and we are up to date with new regulatory developments around the world.

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We believe ground handling excellence is critical and we can arrange handling in the most diverse locations anywhere around the globe. Wherever you go in the world, we can offer reliable on-demand ground handling with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Our geographical reach is unrivalled and we are committed to delivering value for our clients. From ramp handling, passenger, cargo and luggage handling, hotel accommodation, meet and assist, catering and transportation, facilitation through customs and immigration, we can take care of all your requirements.

oxy sv3Some of the ground handling services we provide include:
•    Ramp handling
•    Passenger handling
•    Customs and immigration
•    Cargo and baggage services
•    Catering
•    Crew visa arrangements
•    Security arrangements
•    FPL filing
•    Provision of transport for crew and passengers